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Your creative expression is a direct link between yourself and the power that is greater than you (choose what resonates...it’s all the same! Source, God, Divine Energy, Your Higher Self, etc...). Ironically, it’s also the place where you inner critic feels most welcome to show up and scream at you! What if you invited in that divine whisper to be seen through you? What if you showed up, in circle with others, to confront those inner critics head-on in a safe space? How might the lessons learned in the creative process help you to be braver in your life if you learn to stand up to your inner critic? How might your connection to your spirituality deepen if you make time to listen and allow that voice to come out in a tangible, visible form that didn’t exist before you put brush or pen to paper? This is what SoulFully Creative is all about. Building a deeper connection to your creative self, your spirituality, and others through the creative process.


I teach adults how to reconnect with their creativity, intuition, and courage though intuitive mixed-media collage and painting workshops, corporate team building events, and private coaching.

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Dara Chambers

​I’m an artist with a BA in painting and an ESL teacher with an MA in TESOL. As an artist, creative expression has always been at the center of my life. With over eighteen years’ experience teaching adults English as a Second/Foreign Language, I know what it takes to help people begin to express themselves in new ways in order to open to new possibilities. I believe that everyone is creative and that the creative process offers a unique way for us to connect to ourselves and to others at a deeper level, at the soul level.

What will you create in the flow of intuitive guidance?

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